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Alexander Langer: ten points for the art of living together

I have often been asked what I have learned and would suggest to others from my experience in South Tyrol ...
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How to build peace among humans and towards nature

How to build peace among humans and towards nature Fiumicino, 21-27 of June 2021 Host organization: Movimento Nonviolento Participant: Birdlife ...
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Good Practises

Wipsee – Good practices for Nonviolence

Scope: International Solidarity Policy: MEL Wipsee is committed to everyone with a concern for equal opportunities and respect for the ...
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Wipsee – Good practices for Peace Education

Scope: Discover other cultures Policy: Intolerance comes from ignorance and fear. In order to prevent racism, homophobia and all type ...
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Wipsee – Good practices for Climate Crisis

Raise awareness Policy: It is essential to raise awareness on the urgency of the climate crisis. We want to teach ...
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ELIX – Good Practises

ELIX Good practice for Climate crisis Scope: Implementing international voluntary service projects for the protection and promotion of environmental sustainability ...
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