MeYou Project Partnership

Movimento Nonviolento

Responsible for project management, MN will coordinate partners according to their specific tasks in Consortium bodies and at local/national level, planning to achieve almost 80% of quality standards defined by project quality management Plan (PQMP), it will periodically organize online conferences with partners for monitoring on-going activities, sharing information/documents and mitigating potential problems/risks.
ln the last 2 months, accounting final evaluation activities will be implemented. Sharing coordination responsibilities for communication & dissemination with INNETICA and for Networking with ELIX, it will set a strategy inspired to nonviolent campaigns.


Considering its specific expertise, it will share with the lead partner the coordination of Communication & Dissemination (C&D) activities, developing a Plan to manage partners C&D tasks at local/national/EU level and the Digital Archive of Educational materials.


As hosting organization it will organize the final conference. Improving its expertise in youth policies and youth civil engagement, the National Youth Council of Albania will positively contribute to a project continuation in the frameworks of dialogue with decision makers and youth-led initiatives.


ELIX – Conservation Volunteers Greece will manage the organization of the Kick-off-meeting in Greece. Considering the relevance of its membership into the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations, it will be co-responsible for Networking activities, developing a strategy oriented to project follow-up and sustainability to be included in PQMP. Among its tasks, there is also building synergies (ex. the European Youth Forum or other significant stakeholders).


Considering the deep connections with Brussels and with the European Commission WIPSEE will be integral part of the dissemination plan, making use of the website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, monthly newsletter, local media newspaper and radio. WIPSEE is also part of the Erasmus+ Developer Network, the Site of the Nice Month of Europe of the New Aquitaine Region and can rely on the monthly information letter from the Region office in Brussels, while also being engaged in the development of civic events, conferences and international seminars with concrete actions, creating innovation for any audience, and also connected to a lot of networks on social and solidarity economy.


Considering its professionality in the core areas related to the wide range of the Socio Humanities and the contemporary Environmental challenges, Interfusion Services will manage the testing and validation of the learning activities results and training/educational materials. Therefore, with its expertise in horizontal ICT fields (like elearning, e-government and e-inclusion) it will facilitate the dissemination of these materials, also after the end of the project.


Considering that currently is in the process of developing a leader training program, the Climate Ambassadors we seek in the project, they will manage the course providing teachers with the skills and competencies. Moreover BLM is also part of the BirdLife International network working towards conserving global biodiversity and the sustainability of natural resources, and it will concur in the dissemination plan.

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