Wipsee – Good practices for Nonviolence

Scope: International Solidarity Policy: MEL Wipsee is committed to everyone with a concern for equal opportunities and respect for the human being, in a Social and Solidarity Economy approach. Good practice MEL Wipsee is part of the social and solidarity economy. This mean we implement and promote within our organization a system that is oriented […]

Wipsee – Good practices for Peace Education

Scope: Discover other cultures Policy: Intolerance comes from ignorance and fear. In order to prevent racism, homophobia and all type of discrimination we put a lot of efforts into bringing people from different horizons and cultures. A good practice that is implemented by MEL WIPSEE is the promotion of the European citizenship and the celebration […]

ELIX – Good Practises

ELIX Good practice for Climate crisis Scope: Implementing international voluntary service projects for the protection and promotion of environmental sustainability. Policy: Young people are actors of change in their communities. IVS is mobilizing them and through volunteering activities is enabling them to actively engage and participate in activities tackling the climate crisis. Sustainability Vectors Improve […]

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