ELIX – Good Practises

ELIX Good practice for Climate crisis Scope: Implementing international voluntary service projects for the protection and promotion of environmental sustainability. Policy: Young people are actors of change in their communities. IVS is mobilizing them and through volunteering activities is enabling them to actively engage and participate in activities tackling the climate crisis. Sustainability Vectors Improve […]

How to build peace among humans and towards nature

How to build peace among humans and towards nature Fiumicino, 21-27 of June 2021 Host organization: Movimento Nonviolento Participant: Birdlife Malta, Innetica, Elix, Interfusion Service, WIPSEE Activity venue: Comfort Hotel, Via del Tempio della Fortuna, 52b The learning outcomes for the session or module will include declarative or functioning knowledge, and almost all of them […]

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