MeYou Good Practices’ Manifesto

The Manifesto for the good practices in the field of the climate crisis, peace education and nonviolence, carried out by the Erasmus+ project Mediterranean Youth versus Climate Crisis (MeYou), aims to depict a youth-friendly framework of knowledge, actions, policies capable of making evident the close link between the perspectives of ecology and nonviolence in addressing the challenges of our time.
The collection of practices, far more numerous than those mentioned in this edited Manifesto, was only the first preliminary part of the research carried out in both the local and transnational meetings of the project.
The objective of this collection effort was to identify indications for policies oriented towards MeYou vision:
contrast the climate crisis by applying the principles and techniques of nonviolence. It was required to extrapolate these indications with reference to practices, to be considered an expression of significant and noteworthy policy, good examples which, although related to specific spatial and temporal contexts, can be modeled and generalized, interpreted and translated into other contexts and/or other scales. The analysis work assigned each action number values of relevance, urgency, degree of commitment as well as highlighted their youth-friendly or youth-led nature and their impact (local, national or European/international).
This process has been very important to reflect together on our own practices and those close to us to the point of highlighting “vectors of sustainability”. These are transversal areas of action and fundamental levers for launching, guiding, managing and monitoring the integration of MeYou framework into our organizations, plans and projects. Therefore the Manifesto applies first of all to the partners of MeYou Consortium, but also to their local, national and european network.
Furthermore, the Manifesto, providing example of good practices related with these vectors of sustainability, is a tool designed to show youth organizations and relevant rightholders and stakeholders how to take advantage of the results offered by MeYou project. It could be used as a handbook as well as a benchmark for strategic and operative choices in the fields covered. But above all it is a open tool (especially in its digital version) to the addition of all those who, in the Euro-Mediterranean area but not only, want to commit themselves daily to build more sustainable, peaceful and inclusive communities under the sign of nonviolence.

ENG download: MeYou Manifesto

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