Alexander Langer: ten points for the art of living together

I have often been asked what I have learned and would suggest to others from my
experience in South Tyrol of co-existing cultures communicating with each other
and sometimes coming into conflict (an issue which has marked my whole life
and in a certain sense shaped its course) together with my more recent experience
at the European Parliament, or more generally, in the context of European movements for peace and solidarity.

That is how the idea came to me to try and write a short text on how to live together, which I have presented, discussed and fine-tuned on many occasions.
I fully realize that in such a short text – moreover an abstract one, without reference to any specific situation, into which I have condensed a series of considerations on inter-ethnic relations and conflict situations (or even inter-cultural, interreligious, inter-racial conflicts), I may be running the risk of over-generalizing.
However, I am also convinced that the time is now more than ripe not so much
for defining “ethnic rights” (or national, religious or other rights), as for seeking
a set of criteria with which to build an order for different cultures to live together.
These points should of course be understood in the first instance not so much as
a set of legal rules, but much more as values and practices for mutual tolerance,
getting to know each other and coming together.
I hope that these modest ten points of mine can provide stimulus and practical
ideas to take us in that direction.

Alexander Langer

Download it here multilanguage: Decalogo_print_Langer_2021

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