How to build peace among humans and towards nature

How to build peace among humans and towards nature
Fiumicino, 21-27 of June 2021
Host organization: Movimento Nonviolento
Participant: Birdlife Malta, Innetica, Elix, Interfusion Service, WIPSEE
Activity venue: Comfort Hotel, Via del Tempio della Fortuna, 52b

The learning outcomes for the session or module will include declarative or functioning knowledge, and almost all of them will be supported in some way by the presentation of information to youth leaders. Activities which involve young people interaction with content can include listening to and/or watching a live or recorded talk, engaging with a written or visual text, engaging with multimedia, or a combination of these, laboratories and non-formal education’s objectives aims to increase skills and knowledge, as well as to experience the emotional rewards associated with increased love for a subject or increased passion for learning and sharing good practises among the countries involved.

The learning activity How to build peace among humans and towards nature is the core of the “MeYou” project. This transnational activity aims to transfer to staff organizations and youth leader the importance of mediators, bridge builders, wall jumpers and frontier explorers to use Alexander Langer’s words. Youth leaders and staff/volunteers from the partner countries will enjoy a comprehensive learning experience which empowered them with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for fight climate crisis with nonviolent perspective and techniques.

Three modules will be deepened: 1) Peace within (encouraging self-reflection and development of critical self-inquiry, mindfulness, empathy and compassion); 2) Peace with the nature (ecological sustainability, respect for other living creatures and climate disarmament as a requirement for stability and peace); 3) Peace with others (social participation, advocacy and engagement in society, how to set a nonviolent campaign).
In each training module there will be a dedicated time and space for common sharing of experiences and tools. Please let know us in advance if you’d like to propose an activity.
These themes will be explored through talks by experts and practitioners, working groups, creative workshops, peer sharing, etc. using the great heritage in this field by Movimento Nonviolento. Methods will follow the principles of experiential learning and nonviolence and will be participatory and learner-centered.

The training will cover topics as: management and transforming conflicts through nonviolence, cause and effect of climate crisis, SDGs and Agenda 2030, nonviolent methods to address injustice and how to set a youth-friendly environmental campaign. The methodology of the course will be participatory and inclusive with a nonviolent, also in communication of the coaches/trainers, approach.

Participants: 3 youth leaders + 1 adult staff/volunteers each participant organizations (Spain, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, France) + participant group of host organization (Italy)

MeYou – Agenda 21-27 June 2021 in Fiumicino

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