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Good practice for Climate crisis

Scope: Implementing international voluntary service projects for the protection and promotion of environmental sustainability.
Policy: Young people are actors of change in their communities. IVS is mobilizing them and through volunteering activities is enabling them to actively engage and participate in activities tackling the climate crisis.

Sustainability Vectors

Improve knowledge about the topic through workshops and educational materials; improve knowledge about equality, dignity of people, social inclusion and legality, through promoting idea of climate justice.
For turning knowledge into skills, volunteering is the best form of gaining skills in the field of climate crisis.

Good Practice: https://ccivs.org/ccivs-in-action/ccivs-campaigns/ivs-for-climate-justice-campaign/#:~:text=IVS%20for%20Climate%20Justice%20is,(SCI)%2C%20The%20International%20Building

Good practice for Peace Education

Scope: Quality education for youth workers and multipliers.
Policy: Providing youth workers with the necessary competences in order to be able to multiply peace and human rights education within the target groups that they are engaging with. To achieve that youth organisations should receive appropriate financial support enabling them to implement peace education.
Good Practice: Peace Action Week programme financed by E+ and labeled as good practice by the national agency. It consisted of 2 different projects implemented in 2017 and 2019 with the aim to have a follow up in 2021. The results of the programme are presented here: https://www.elix.org.gr/en/training-en/eu-co-funded-projects/eu-project-reports-en/after-movie-peace-action-week-elix-oct-2019

Sustainability Vectors

Common knowledge:
To improve knowledge about the topic, specifically on the rights of migrants and refugees.
To improve knowledge on qualitative and quantitative thrustworthy resources, using resources of international institutions such as the Council of Europe and United Nations.
Improve knowledge about equality, dignity of people, social inclusion and legality, specifically on the rights of migrants and refugees. Diversity assessment was also implemented among the participants to assess the situation of diversity in the project.
Develop an integrated knowledge system to formulate and evaluate development policies, Through the activity developed during the programme called World Caffee that is showing the effects of global migration linked to sustainbility, capitalism and arms trade.
Ensure the availability, access and networking of data and information, by providing participants with trustworthy information enabling their critical thinking.

Education, awareness, comunication:
Turning knowledge into skills, by implementing awareness raising campaign by the participants during the implementation week.
Promote peace and human rights education in line with the standards of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.
Results presented: https://www.elix.org.gr/en/training-en/eu-co-funded-projects/eu-project-reports-en/after-movie-peace-action-week-elix-oct-2019

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